Monday, 10 September 2012

This weeks' plans

Peter lands in from Sweden this evening (he's currently enjoying a burger and a beer in his 4 hour wait at Copenhagen airport) so can't wait to finish work and head to Manchester airport to pick him up!

This week will see a much more subdued series of events after what turned out to be a pretty manic July fortnight when he was here last - we even had plans the night he arrived! Definitely something we won't be trying to recreate again!

So far we just have a few simple plans arranges, with tea at mum & dads with Em & Sam tomorrow night and that we'll be doing our traditional Frankie & Bennies plus a film another night this week. I'm working all week as we're off to Madeira next Monday, so we're rather restricted to what we can arrange anyway.

Roll on 5:30!

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