Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Feeling the chill

Hi everyone,

Well, I'm back from my holiday in sunny and stunning Madeira to find myself positively chilly! What a shock to the system to come from 27-32 degree temperatures and step off the plan in sandals to rain and low teens! I'm rather glad I had a jumper in my hand luggage.

What a fantastic holiday it's been. The weather was perfect (just 30 minutes of rain one morning which was dry within 10 minutes), the views were stunning, the food excellent and I'm feeling really well-rested and geared up for the next few month.
This was a piccie I took from a mini castle on the grounds of the Royal Savoy hotel where we stayed. Madeira's a volcanic island so there aren't many beaches at all - most of the coastline is either cliffs or positioned stone around the inhabited areas.

It was truly super to be here and the sea breeze made it especially pleasant to sunbathe as we didn't get too hot. Lashings of suncream and we didn't burn either!
Here also is one of the photos I took when we went on the King's Levada trail. This was a 4 and a half hour walk along the Levada walk at São Jorge where we went along narrow trails along the mountainside and even walked under a waterfall at one point. It was mildly terrifying in parts as the majority of the trail had sheer drops on the left and no barriers. Sadly this meant I spent most of the time looking down to ensure I was watching my footing, but I made sure to stop and look when I saw a super view.

Totally stunning and I'd 100% recommend Madeira to anyone!


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