Friday, 14 September 2012

Jetting off

Afternoon everyone,

It'll all seem a little more quiet on here than recently for the next week and a half as I'm finally getting away on a holiday!

This will be my first proper sun, sea and sand holiday for 18 years and also the first real holiday me and Peter's will have been on together. In the early hours of next Monday morning we'll be jetting off for a week in Madeira and I can't wait!

Mum and dad had a stop-over in Madeira a few years ago on their anniversary cruise and were so taken with it that they decided to take out a time share. They'll be coming at the same time as me and Peter as they're using their banked week for 2013 to get a second apartment this year instead. This does mean they won't be able to go next year though, so they must really have been pleased for us to come with them!

The suitcase is out and half of my packing is done - just need to fit in all the shoes, chargers and other bits and bobs then I'm good to go.

I'll be sure to take as many pics as possible while I'm away so I've got plenty of scrapping material for the next few months and will put some of the piccies on here when I get back.

I may be going slightly overboard with the pre-holiday beautification, but it's all part of the fun and I don't treat myself in this way very often. My eyebrows are currently glowing bright red from them being waxed and plucked at lunchtime! I'm booked in first thing in the morning for a manicure and pedicure and then at 3 for a hair cut and super-straighten. I think that covers it!

If we don't 'speak' before then here's hoping that you all have a great weekend and that next week brings sunshine and smiles for everyone.


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