Saturday, 20 August 2011

Time to plan

As per usual I'm waking up early on a weekend. Seems I've now reached the stage where I've completely lost the ability to have a lie-in - soon I'll be falling asleep on the sofa mid-evening and waking up at 5 like mum!

On the subject of parents, I got home from work yesterday to find them both sat in my dad's car waiting for me to get back, as they had a shiny new microwave in the boot for me! Seems they'd decided to treat me to a little one since I'd mentioned getting one, so I celebrated by a 2 minute job and some Uncle Ben's egg fried rice!

Still a lot to get done today. Little Sweep is at the vets at 10:10am for her yearly booster injection, which is always a bit of a trauma, plus a look in her ears as she's started to sound a little like a maraca!

It started out looking like it was going to be a sunny day here, but glancing out of the window and seeing that it's greyed over I somehow think that the bit of clearing I have to do in the garden will need to be put on a backburner.

On call waiting for Emma to let me know when the hens arrive, so I'll spend the time when I get back from the vets finishing up on the Simply Cards & Papercraft article I have to do then get cracking on the Scrapbook Magazine issue 58 new papers layouts.


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