Monday, 22 August 2011

Late night scrapping

Evening all,

As I'm sure some of you have also done in the past, tonight sees me scrapping into the wee hours finishing off some last-minute bits and bobs for issue 58.

I've just finished the New Papers layouts using a fabulous BoBunny collection and am currently part-way through creating the layouts using the free Serif paper pack you'll get when you pick up your copy.

We're all done and dusted then for the prep, scrapping and editing on issue 58 - just a case of getting everything else wrapped up before it prints in a fortnight, then on to issue 59!

Sleep well!



  1. That was a late night stint! Mind you there's nothing quite like a deadline to get you motivated! Karen

  2. Hehe true! Plus I seem to do my best scrapping late at night, so I don't really mind relying on coffee to help me function the next day!