Monday, 27 August 2012

Rainy day bank holiday

This isn't really the sight you want when you open your curtains on a bank holiday!
Thankfully most of what I had planned today happened indoors, so just a fast-paced walk to the car and back on a couple of occasions.

Started the day by finishing off my projects for upcoming issues of Creative Cardmaking and Simply Cards & Papercraft, then me and Emma went to visit Granny for a few hours before walking her down to the dining room in the home. A few extra and finishing touches to the projects when I got home followed by boiled eggs and soldiers for lunch.

Then I swiftly discovered that I actually had nothing else to do! With selling the house at the moment everywhere is spotless, so I had to resort to emptying cupboards and wardrobes and having a bit of a mini clear-out. I'd previously had a big clear out just prior to putting the house on the market.

I've pretty much now exhausted my options, so off for a walk up to mum and dad's for a cuppa now the rain has stopped!


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