Thursday, 23 August 2012

Looking forward to the long weekend!

Hi all,

After a very busy period here at work the past few months, we're all very much looking forward to the last of our Bank Holiday weekends! Doesn't that extra day make all the difference? No Monday blues for us next week! I'm also in the process of trying to get ahead in preparation for my first overseas sun & sand holiday in 18 years (!) so am even more so looking forward to my chance to get my feet up (although to be fair, with all the commissions I've got for the card mags and other plans on the cards it's not very likely anyway......but I can dream!).

Here's hoping that everyone's got some great plans lined up and that the weather is at least a little kind to us, even though the forecast is once again looking positively gloomy! Perhaps best to restrict our plans to being mostly indoors!

I'll be busy from Friday evening onwards. I need to get the hoovering and housework done when I get home from the office ready for some viewers coming for a nosey late Saturday morning. I'd save this manual treat for first thing Saturday but I need to get Jade to the vets for, hopefully, her last blood test to make sure her thyroid levels are correct now she's been on the tablets for her hyper-thyroidism for a few months. Fingers-crossed she gets the all clear and we can just plough on with her medication for another 6 months. Happy birthday Jade, who is 15 this weekend!

First thing Sunday morning I'm off round to my sister Emma's place to select a cupcake recipe for the wedding. My bright idea that we can save a bit by making them ourselves, but we'll see how successful the practice run is this weekend! We'll be choosing the recipe (a vanilla variety I think), buying the bits & pieces and then making them and trying our hand at icing! Now, it's been a VERY long time since I baked anything other than an apple pie, but I'm hoping that my sister's baking prowess will save the day! I'll try and sort some piccies so you can see how we got on!

There's also a craft & gift fair on at the local Gawsworth Hall this weekend, so I've promised mum a trip out to have a browse. Love going to these to see everything for sale and it's been a tradition ever since I was little that I have to buy a bag of vanilla fudge at these things, so I'm sure I'll be inclined to oblige again this time round!

Whatever your plans, I hope you all have great weekends and that the weather at least stays clement for them!


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