Monday, 3 December 2012

Feeling festive

Well I just couldn't wait until Saturday 1st December to get out my Christmas decorations and get festive!

It all started with a trip down in to town to pick up a choccie advent calendar from Thorntons. I'd decided to keep this at work for a little chocolate fix every day and was very good in waiting until this morning before opening the first window, meaning I got 3 chocs! The advent calendar I bought also have 3 larger penguin chocolates, so I'd decided to have one every Monday until the Christmas break meaning I also got one of those out this morning!

Once I was up and about on Saturday I got out the Christmas decorations and created a Christmas haven! I'm back at home now following the sale of my house and preparing for my move to Sweden next year, so the old bedroom is looking very bright and festive! Dad commented that it was 'very Blackpool', which I've decided to take as a compliment!

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