Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Pony colour-coding

Pony have recently released new colour-coded sewing needles, with the eye of each needle now featuring a different colour according to size which makes for easier recognition as to which needle to use for your specific projects.

There are three different needle types in all (crewel & beading, tapestry and chenille) and each needle type is available in three different colour-coded sizes:

Crewel & Beading - Size 10 red, Size 11 blue, Size 12 black
Tapestry - Size 24 black, Size 26 blue, Size 28 red
Chenille - Size 22 black, Size 24 blue, Size 26 red

Packs are available containing 6 needles in either the same or assorted sizes for £1.25, plus extra-long beading needles are available for £3.55.

Check out your local craft or knitting shops, or for specific stockist details you can email crafts@stockistenquiries.co.uk or call 01453 883581.

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